Feb 2019 Menu

Soup £2

Butterbean & roasted Butternut Squash (V&GF)

Main and two salads £6


Chilli bean and cauliflower* pie in rich tomato* sauce (GF &V)
topped with creamed celeriac and potato mash

Beetroot* and aduki bean patties (GF & V)
served with tangy tomato sauce

Creamy leek* and mushroom* tagliatelle (V)
with a vegan cream cheese sauce and hint of chilli

Brown rice pilaff
with tumeric, pine nuts & pickled walnuts (V)


roasted organic butternut squash, kale and lentil
herb and olive oil dressing & optional feta cheese

Quinoa & chickpea* Tabbouleh
date & lemon dressing

Red cabbage* slaw with fennel & walnuts
coconut yogurt dressing

Grape, celeriac*, apple*
goats cheese , thyme and honey dressing

Bread 50p

Homemade sourdough
with sesame, poppy, chia,sunflower, pumkin and flax seeds

Desert £1

Blueberry Muffin (GF & V)
almond milk*, ground almonds & blueberries*

  • V – vegan
  • GF – Gluten Free
  • * – organic