Feb 2022 Menu

Main course £7.50 including any selection of salads/side dishes. Dessert £1.50

Payable by cash or card


Rice, butterbean & wild mushroom stew – the addition of Cashew butter gives a warm umami flavour to the stew. This dish is brought to you by Julie! Recipe available on request

Vegetable Jalfrezi– a warm spicy dish including potato, cauliflower, tomatoes and squash

Spinach, Ricotta and squash Cannelloni– in a home made tomato sauce and oat milk white sauce. We can make a vegan alternative to ricotta filling. From Matt Tebbut, TV channel 5


Zatar roasted cauliflower & herby couscous- mixed with roasted peppers and chickpeas. We have a GF alternative using Buckwheat

Kalette, apple & Pecorino cheese (Sheep milk cheese)- kalettes are in season right now and easily available and very healthy

Shredded sprouts and celeriac-sprouts and celeriac are tossed and pan fried briefly in butter (sorry vegans!) Garlic, parsley & sage enhance the flavour

Roast parsnip, chicory, orange and red onion– sweet roots, bitter leaves, sharp fruity orange and crunchy buttery walnuts….what’s not to like!!


Carrot & orange parkin– served with a dollop of cream or coconut yogurt. Uses almond and tapioca flour to make it GF but does have eggs.