Dec 2023 Menu

Christmas Extravaganza

£13 in advance by email:

Welcome drinks

Pomegranate mojito mocktails

Sparkling fruit juice


Lentil and chestnut soup GF Ve

Beetroot and chickpea croustades Ve


Butternut squash, spinach and goat’s cheese pie

Mushroom, chestnut and lentil Wellington Ve

Orange, cranberry and nut roast GF Ve

Squash, brussels sprouts, cannellini and sage pasta bake GF

Salads / Sides

Roasted parsnips, leeks, cauliflower, cabbage and fennel with green lentils

Chicory, pear, date and pomegranate salad

Spiced beetroot and wild rice salad

Pecan and apple stuffing


Home made ice cream- dairy and Ve

Pomegranate and rose pots with quince syrup

Tea and Coffee

Please note- we cannot guarantee our food is free from ingredients that might cause an allergic reaction. Ingredients for all recipes available for inspection on the day