March 2024 Menu

We continue to cook with seasonal veg purchased from Wallingford organic market on Saturdays and Waitrose organic section when unavailable at the market. We cook with unrefined grains giving you a healthier kick than refined ones

Mains £7.50 including variety of seasonal salads and home made bread.

Dessert £1.50

Card and cash accepted


Winter veg gratin -savoy cabbage, leeks and brussels sprouts in a creamy cheesy sauce. Recipe here-

Lentil Bolognese– you won’t miss the meat in this one! served on bed of GF Spaghetti GF DF Ve

Kofta curry– a bit spicy! the koftas (carrot, potato, cauliflower, peas) are served in a rich cashew tomato sauce DF GF Ve contains nuts

Braised mixed beans- a selection of fava beans, Carlin peas and Cannellini beans in a rich tomato sauce and served on buckwheat (GF ). Carlin peas are packed with nutrients that support overall well being. Both Fava and Carlin peas grown in UK. Recipe


Chickpea, Beetroot and feta GF

Ancient grains (wheatberry, buckwheat groats, freekeh) with salsa verde dressing Ve DF

Winter tabbouleh -made with Quinoa, a healthier option to usual bulgur wheat. GF Ve DF contains walnuts nuts

winter slaw– red cabbage, celeriac, carrot, red onion in a lemon, pomegranate, mustard dressing


Blueberry and banana baked oats– served with custard (DF) or coconut yogurt Request GF/DF

Please note

We cannot guarantee the food is free from ingredients that might cause an allergic reaction. Ingredients for recipes available for inspection on the day