April 2024 Menu

Mains £7.50 including variety of salads. Dessert £1.50

cash and card accepted


Alloo gobi– cauliflower and potato in a spicy tomato sauce served on brown rice. Wholesome and tasty! GF DF Ve

Cavolo nero, chickpea and rosemary stew– Cavolo nero is a type of cabbage and a great seasonable veg GF DF Ve https://www.waitrose.com/home/recipes/recipe_directory/c/cavolo-nero-chickpeaandrosemarystew.html

Fava bean casserole– fava beans are dried broad beans. They are an excellent source of protein and soluble fibre, including smaller amounts of almost all other B vitamins, selenium and calcium GF DF Ve https://hodmedods.co.uk/blogs/recipes/chestnut-and-fava-bean-casserole

Black bean enchiladas– the tomato sauce in this dish gets a kick from the chipotle sauce . We substituted carrots for sweet potatoes as the latter have huge air miles coming from USA DF Ve https://www.waitrose.com/ecom/recipe/vegan-enchiladas


Olive and sundried tomato quinoa

Blue cheese, pear and beetroot

Celeriac and kale with sweet chilli walnuts

Winter slaw


Rhubarb crumble and non dairy custard or coconut yogurt

Please note- we cannot guarantee the food is free from ingredients that might cause an allergic reactions. Ingredients for all recipes available for inspection on the day