May 2022 Brunch Menu

Saturday Brunch 9.30- 11.30 (last orders) on 14th May

This will be a buffet style brunch. the following menu is a guide only and prices will range from £1 to £10 depending on what you order. We accept cash and card

Buffet table

Smoothies freshly made, bircher muesli, oven baked porridge with selection of toppings

Home made baked beans, mushrooms, home made hashbrowns, quorn sausages, sourdough toast

Pancakes and French toast(vegan) with fruit compote and coconut yogurt

Teas (various) coffee and BUCKS FIZZ

From the kitchen

Barcelona burrito-mushrooms, tomatoes, chickpeas, spinach with avocado on a tortilla

Haricot hash and fried egg-potato, onion, beetroot, haricot beans

Shakshuka – baked eggs with spinach in rich pepper and tomato sauce

May 2022 Menu

All mains including salads £7.50 Dessert £1.50

We accept cash and card payments


Sweet onion pie with corn bread topping– slowly cooked onions enhanced with South American flavours – cocoa, chilli, black beans, and sweetcorn. Julie and Oscar special

Turmeric and coconut baked aloo gobi – cauliflower and potatoes baked in a coconut milk sauce with ginger, chilli, cloves, black mustard seeds and turmeric to spice it up! (V, GF, DF)

Veggie pie with dill and mustard sauce – carrots, beetroot, onion and feta cheese wrapped in puff pastry

Lentil and nut veggie bake – roasted hazelnuts combined with carrots, red pepper, celery and cheese with cumin flavouring. GF /V option

v=vegan, DF=dairy free, GF=gluten free


Olive and sun-dried tomato quinoa

Beetroot and cabbage slaw with yogurt

Apple, beetroot, goats’ cheese and walnut

Three bean salad


Sticky toffee pudding with coconut yogurt

Apr 2022 Menu

Lunch including salads £7.50. Dessert £1.50 Cash and card accepted. No reservations.


Butternut Squash and Borlotti Bean Stew – a colourful, warming dish which tastes as good as it looks! The squash has been harvested from Stonehill Community gardens. Julie and Oscar are cooking this one.

Allotment Cottage Pie – all our nourishing winter veg. in one dish – leeks, carrots, swede and celeriac with mashed potato topping, of course, and a helping of lentils for protein.

Fava Bean Casserole – mushrooms, chestnuts and other veggies simmered gently in a red wine sauce. These beans are grown in the UK by Hodmedods! You can order grains, legumes and pulses from them, all grown in the UK

Freekeh Pilaf with cranberries, apples and nuts – freekeh is green wheat which is flame roasted to give it its characteristic smoky flavour. Because the wheat is harvested when the grains are still immature, it retains a great nutritional punch.


Moroccan Chickpea and Couscous salad – a colourful salad coated in a delicately spiced olive oil and lemon dressing.

Winter Tabbouleh – this unusual tabbouleh has cauliflower and fennel as the main ingredients.

Wheatberry, lentils and Kale salad – kale is one of the healthiest and most nutrient-dense foods you can eat. So enjoy its health benefits in this delicious salad.

Winter Slaw – an awesome mix of raw fruit and veg. topped with sunflower seeds and a dressing made with cider vinegar


Rhubarb and pear Crumble- served with coconut yogurt or cream. Please request GF and Dairy Free.

Mar 2022 Menu

Main course and any combination of salads £7.50. Dessert £1.50

Cash or card payment


Green vegetable and feta pie– a very healthy mix of spring greens and spinach with added butter beans and feta cheese wrapped in filo pastry. Julie and Oscar are making this one.

Squash, ricotta and pasta bake– seasonal squash grown in Stonehill Community gardens, Abingdon . The pasta is a delicious lentil one which is gluten free and energy rich!

Roasted squash pilau– served with wheatberries and green lentils on a bed of seasonal cavolo nero (another winter green vegetable) . Urfa chilli flakes add a delicious fruity and smokey flavour, with a bit of heat.


Quinoa and freekeh salad– freekeh, made from green wheat, is roasted and rubbed. The lightness of quinoa and richness of freekeh complement each other and with addition of carrots, pomegranate, pine nuts and optional feta make a wonderful flavoursome salad.

Cauliflower and barley salad – seasonal swede, parsnips, cauliflower and barley grains pepped up with spices- coriander, fennel and caraway seeds- make a substantial warm side dish which tastes as wonderful as it looks!

Winter slaw– combines red cabbage, carrot, raw beetroot and oranges with an umami dressing. The umami paste is made from fava beans grown in the UK.

Shredded sprouts and celeriac– we made this last month and as it proved popular, we are adding it to the menu again. Enjoy!


Shrove Tuesday pancakes! served with a choice of topping, and we will have gluten free, oat milk pancakes so those on special diets are not left out.

Feb 2022 Menu

Main course £7.50 including any selection of salads/side dishes. Dessert £1.50

Payable by cash or card


Rice, butterbean & wild mushroom stew – the addition of Cashew butter gives a warm umami flavour to the stew. This dish is brought to you by Julie! Recipe available on request

Vegetable Jalfrezi– a warm spicy dish including potato, cauliflower, tomatoes and squash

Spinach, Ricotta and squash Cannelloni– in a home made tomato sauce and oat milk white sauce. We can make a vegan alternative to ricotta filling. From Matt Tebbut, TV channel 5


Zatar roasted cauliflower & herby couscous- mixed with roasted peppers and chickpeas. We have a GF alternative using Buckwheat

Kalette, apple & Pecorino cheese (Sheep milk cheese)- kalettes are in season right now and easily available and very healthy

Shredded sprouts and celeriac-sprouts and celeriac are tossed and pan fried briefly in butter (sorry vegans!) Garlic, parsley & sage enhance the flavour

Roast parsnip, chicory, orange and red onion– sweet roots, bitter leaves, sharp fruity orange and crunchy buttery walnuts….what’s not to like!!


Carrot & orange parkin– served with a dollop of cream or coconut yogurt. Uses almond and tapioca flour to make it GF but does have eggs.

Dec 2021 Menu

£10 for 2 courses, £12 for 3 courses. Main course includes any combination of our festive salads. We accept cash or card payment on arrival unless you have already purchased a ticket

To add to the seasonal merriment, we invite you to wear any Christmas item e.g. jumper, bow tie, ear rings, hat etc. We won’t exclude you if you don’t !

To reserve a place please e mail

Welcome drink



Elderflower fizz


Cannellini & chestnut soup


Trio of dips with crudité (raw carrot, celery & chicory)


Cranberry and Lentil bake (V GF)- a ramekin of delicious Puy lentils cooked in tomato with herbs & spices and topped with cranberries poached in red wine

Celeriac & Leek Wellington (V )-the sweetness of celeriac combined with savoury leek, wrapped in puff pastry

Pumpkin, walnut & sage crostata– an individual Italian baked tart filled with sweet pumpkin and tangy Stilton topping

Cranberry & Porcini nut roast-a combination of intensely flavoured porcini mushrooms, sweet butternut squash, cranberries and hazelnuts


Raw sprouts, kale & crispy rice with Medjool dates

Slow baked onions with goats’ cheese

Medley of seasonal roast veg– parsnips, cauliflower & fennel

Roasted beetroot & fig salad with blackberry balsamic dressing


Almond and lemon drizzle polenta slice– served with cream or coconut yoghurt


Deluxe mince pie (V GF) -filled with vine fruit, black cherries in Kirsch and marzipan and served with cream or coconut yoghurt

To finish

Tea or coffee with Fairtrade chocolate

Nov 2021 Menu

Main course plus any combination of salads and choice of home made bread £7.50, Dessert £1.50

Cash and card accepted. A list of ingredients for each menu available at the café


Celeriac, leek & mushroom ragu (GF, Vegan)- served on bed of mashed potato

Chipotle & squash chilli (GF, vegan) – served with Jalapeno dumpling (optional) and dollop of soured cream or coconut yogurt to temper the spicy kick!

Leek & freekeh pilaf with feta & toasted pine nuts -being a roasted green wheat grain, freekeh is a very healthy rice alternative but sadly not gluten free!


Roasted beetroot and dill – Greek-style yoghurt and tahini dressing on the side

Cabbage, apple & carrot slaw with pecans & pomegranate– with light and delicious coconut yoghurt dressing

Ancient grain salad with home made Salsa Verde– ancient grains are so called because they have been around, unchanged, for millennia. They pack a nutritional punch

Christmas Extravaganza tickets for Tuesday 7th December on sale at discounted price if purchased at the café on 2nd November. Menu to follow shortly

Oct 2021 Menu

Main course and any combination of salads £7.50 to include a portion of wonderful home made bread. Dessert £1.50. Cash & card accepted


Mexican leek & black bean chilli– served on bed of rice with sour cream accompaniment – V GF

Sweetcorn and Courgette patties- with hint of spice and served with tomatillo salsa (Mexican tomato)- V

Spanish chickpea & potato bake– baked in a delicious rich tomato sauce – V GF


Roasted leek, kale and apple in vinaigrette

Roasted beetroot with coconut yogurt & preserved lemon

Crispy aubergine with lentil tabbouleh and yogurt dressing

Chopped tomato, cucumber & red pepper served with crumbled feta (optional)

Sep 2021 Menu

The good news is that we are back in the Long Furlong Community centre almost as normal! we are keeping table service as we set up during Covid restrictions. The even better news…… we have a card reader! we will also give change should you want to pay with cash. There are no reservations or advance ordering. Main course and any combination of salads £7.50 and dessert £1.50


Yellow Thai Curry on bed of brown rice

Spinach, courgette, mint and feta puff pastry tart

Roasted peppers Or courgette stuffed with herbs, Puy lentils and buckwheat (GF grain similar to rice)


Radish, potato & dill salada crunchier take on the classic potato salad

Tabbouleh refreshing cucumber, mint and parsley salad replacing bulgur wheat with quinoa, a healthier gluten free option

Lentil and beetroot salad with hazelnutsdressed in a sundried tomato vinaigrette


Honey & bay roasted plums with coconut yogurt

Please ask to see the ingredients list if you have an intolerance to particular ingredients

Jul 2021 Menu

This is out new summer menu!

Main course and any combination of salads £7.50 and dessert £1.00 extra. Please bring correct money in a named envelope to be dropped in a box on arrival. There is no need to order in advance but it will be helpful if we have some idea of numbers so email before Monday 5th stating how many seats you require to


Green Thai curry & brown rice– onion, chilli, garlic, lemon grass, ginger, cumin, coriander, coconut oil, red peppers, courgettes, coconut milk, tamari (soya GF), mangetout

Multi vegetable paella– olive oil, onion, peppers, garlic, parsley, paprika, turmeric, cayenne, safron, tomatoes, sherry, veg stock (GF), artichoke hearts, broad beans, Kalamata olives, giant couscous (similar to rice or barley)

Tomato & pesto tart– puff pastry, basil & chilli pesto, tomaroes, ricotta cheese, pecorino cheese


Watercress & orange salad with sherry vinaigrette– watercress, fennel, radish, Dressing- extra virgin olive oil, honey, sherry vinegar, herbs

Green salad with elderflower dressing– peas, asparagus, lettuce, fennel, dill Dressing- lemon, Dijon mustard, elderflower cordial

Roast beetroot, flageolet beans & walnut salad with goats’ cheese – beetroot, garlic, thyme, olive oil, red onion, red wine vinegar, walnuts flageolet beans, salad leaves, goats’ cheese


Berry & amaretti fruit compote-strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, coconut yogurt, amaretti biscuits/GF granola (please advise in advance)