Respect for the environment 

  • Offering a vegetarian menu reduces the use of livestock, one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gases
  • We use organic produce where possible because it’s better for the soil
  • Locally sourced produce reduces carbon footprint
  • We avoid products with palm oil
  • Cling film is kept to an absolute minimum
  • Take away boxes and serviettes are compostable
  • Any plastic that is used is reusable (such as table cloths)
  • We use anti-bacterial spray and washing up liquids which use only natural ingredients and the containers are refilled from SESI
  • We try to buy vegetables loose, avoiding unnecessary packaging

Healthy eating

  • Organically produced food is free from chemicals that are potentially damaging to our health. Tolhurst Organic is one of our main suppliers
  • Beans, pulses and grains can more than compensate for protein in meat and provide a complexity of minerals necessary for good health – read more in our Ingredient of the month
  • Seasonal and local vegetables travel a short distance from soil to plate, maintaining optimum vitamins.

Supporting those with disabilities

  • Our team includes a number of people with disabilities
  • We believe that work increases self esteem and confidence
  • People with disabilities make a valuable contribution to our economy and community